Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills


To lead is to be able to present. Presentation Skills is the centerpiece of Leading CEO that is the jumping off point for perfecting the art of Leadership.  Without the ability to present dynamically and effortlessly, leading is not possible.  With presentation skills expertise, all things are possible. 

With over 25 years of experience, Leading CEO offers state-of-the-art Presentation Skills programs that transcend the ordinary.  We teach "Leadership Presence" skills that are essential to success in today's competitive business environment.  These are customized presentation techniques that we guarantee will increase your influence and persuasive power.  Tim Hart is a master presentation strategist, designer and coach.


The Leading CEO presentation skills process is designed to make sure that individuals find their own unique voice.  We use an exclusive method of reaching presentation skills results that are remarkable and swift.  We teach systematic and creative ways of problem solving and decision making that immediately translates to any presentation.  We are famous for transforming your presentation skills from an "inexperienced PRESENTER" to a "highly skilled SPEAKER".

We offer one-on-one presentation skills, executive coaching or seminars for ten participants.  Programs are custom designed to meet the needs of the individual, the company and the positions they hold. To obtain a detailed outline of our Presentation Skills training and methodology click on the contact us link below.


Training Through Seminars

We have developed seminars to deliver the tools necessary to become an outstanding presenter.