The Lifeblood of Every Business

"In doing the debrief after the new business pitch you just lost-consider this as the number one reason why you did not win - they did not like you enough to want to work with you."

New business is the lifeblood of any company. To sell is to lead.  Getting new business is a process and promise that deserves respect, attention and a genuine belief in the business you do.  At LEADING CEO we focus on the most important part of persuasion…being a trusted and loyal partner that delivers as promised...consistently over time.  Time and again.

No matter how smart your new business team is or how perfect the strategy and executions; unless they look at you and think, “I like them and these are the people I want to work with” your new business program is ineffective.  Likability and chemistry are the main ingredients that win new business.  All of this is projected through your presentation skills.  If your new business presentations are focused on information only, you are missing the essential factors that will assure that you win.  Charisma, teamwork, body language and tone of voice are far and away the most important tools in winning new clients or retaining existing clients.

The Leading CEO New Business process is a proprietary program that is custom designed for individual companies to craft outstanding new business presentations that win the hearts and minds of potential clients.  Over the course of a two-day seminar we focus on the true meaning of teamwork, the removal of politics from the process and teach the presentation skills necessary to transform the opinions of prospective clients.  We will cover the entire process of audience analysis, personality profiling, and identifying generational beliefs and values.  Our proprietary training is based on decades of advertising, CEO and senior executive coaching.  We specialize in media training and one-on-one presentation skills training for executives.

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