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What Our Clients Have to Say...



Joseph Moon
Wumbus Corporation

Hired Tim as a Career Coach and hired Tim more than once

Hired him for Presentation Skills Training

“First off; whatever words I am able to pen, however well I am able to describe Tim's effect on my life; they fall far short of the reality of his impact on my life.

As a CEO, we are to remain positive, inspiring and visionary. Yet, we also wrestle with fears, anxieties and doubts. Whose our coach when we're taught to remain confident and to not let anyone see our frailties? It's Tim Hart!

Tim has been incredible about confirming my destiny, encouraging my leadership and correcting my mishaps. He is understanding, decisive and inspiring to say the least. He has an uncanny ability to open up the channels of difficult communication so that progress can be made and achieved. He knows how to get to the root of an issue so that the fruit in our lives can bring forth positive change.

His experience as a successful CEO is what every business leader seeks, craves, desires and needs in order to navigate through stormy waters. He knows how to communicate, how to inspire, how to confront and how to correct. He is personable, intelligent and highly valuable to any person who is willing to allow him to challenge your thinking, influence your decisions and question your motives.

Bottom line is this: Two hours with Tim is better than four years of graduate work!

Thank you Tim, for you have encouraged me to dream big, think big and act big..."



Cynthia (Cindy) Pickens
Founder / Principal / Boardgame Developer, CafeNet / Cynergy LLC / Turtlemania

Worked with Tim at Leading CEO


“Tim Hart sets the benchmark for speaker professionalism and results. As CafeNet Founder, I have received nothing but accolades about Tim's presentation skills after each and everything speaking engagement. Tim has a dynamic, charismatic but authentic presence whenever speaking to our executive community. His ability to hone in on a personal "challenge" and provide an immediate resolution is intuitive because of his strong people skills and presentation skills.”



Craig Hedges
Creative Director, Ketchum Advertising

Worked directly with Tim at Leading CEO and Ketchum Advertising

“Tim Hart is without a doubt one of the most amazing people I have met in my career in advertising and branding. His presentation skills and communication skills are second to none. A charismatic and engaging leader, Tim can read an audience and have them eating out of the palm of his hand in no time flat. The presentation skills I learned from him have been and continue to be an invaluable asset to my career.”



David Lubensky
Principal, Bagatto, Inc

Was with another company when working with Tim at Leading CEO

“Tim is sharp, insightful, and charismatic. He's able to quickly and accurately assess people and a situation, and provide tactical information about how to move forward in a clear and manageable direction. I look forward to working alongside him again.”



David Winkelman

Hired Tim as a Business Consultant

Presentations Skills Training

“In the 2-day presentation skills program I recently had the privilege of doing with him, the experience and knowledge Tim led us through felt like a custom-designed presentation skills training process. Having participated in a wide variety of workshops and seminars, I can be pretty discerning. Tim's gift is authentic, he is dedicated to getting his students to the next level of their own mastery -- joyfully and elegantly. I highly recommend him.”


Jill Davis

Production Head, Latcha + Associates

Reported to Tim at Ketchum Advertising / Los Angeles

“I had the privilege of working with Tim Hart for 9 years. Tim is skilled at all aspects of the advertising world, especially in the management of very diverse personalities. Tim is an incredible presenter, has a great eye for the creative product and can stretch a Clients budget. Best of all he gets results.

Tim was always happy to teach us his secrets for the good of our company and our Client's. He truly gets behind the product at hand, and was genuine and convincing in leading us to loftier goals.

It was always a pleasure to work with Tim Hart. He is a friendly, high-energy individual with a great sense of humor and a great deal of common sense.

I learned more from Tim then any other boss in my career, and would love to work for him again. I can't imagine any company not jumping at the chance to hire Tim.”


Ralph Robinson

Hired Tim as a Business Consultant

Hired Tim for Presentation Skills Training

"Working with Tim and taking his presentation skills program I have changed every aspect of how I present myself, my business and my projects to my clients and the results have been stunning. Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a large corporation looking for more productivity, better communication and better presentation skills for yourself and your executive management and sales staffs, Tim Hart is the man I recommend and Leading CEO is the presentation skills company to call.”


Joe Muse

Chairman, Muse Communications

Hired Tim as a Business Consultant, and hired Tim more than once

“The truth about Tim is he is one of the best motivational consultants I have ever worked with. In fact, when Tim was a competitor I knew then he seemed to know something that others just didn't fully understand. His way with people. The ability he has to make complex concepts appear accessible and clear. But the best result he has is the feeling and confidence that people have of Tim and the work he does. I recommend him to business owners and marketers looking to produce results through other people. He is truly a master. In fact, consider the whole list of attributes key assets when you work with Tim.”


Nancy McCabe

President, Greatview Consulting

Hired Tim as a Business Consultant

“I've worked with Tim Hart on major executive contracts and I've been fortunate to participate in his presentation skills workshop. Whether he's coaching a CEO on complex management issues or supporting an new junior executive as he refines his presentation skills, Tim's guidance is invaluable. His experience, intelligence and warmth is unparalleled. If you're an executive choosing to lead in the most effective manner, or if you're trying to present yourself in the most persuasive way, work with Tim Hart, as soon as you can.”


Cristine Card

Futuretech as business consultant

Presentation Skills Training

"Tim Hart is brilliant, intuitive, and charismatic. He expertly synthesizes very personal and professional information to create a profound brand personality. Over the decade that I have known Tim, I have found his energy, optimism, and passion for his work to be constant. His words and insight support me daily."


Alla Furman

Associate Manager / Realtor , Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills

Worked with Tim in career development coaching

Trained with Tim in Presentation Skills

“Tim Hart is one of the most fascinating humans I've ever encountered. He is brilliant on so many different levels. He brings a type of class that is rare in this day and age. His approach is not just theoretical but very practical and would motivate anyone to greatness! He is so inspirational and interacting with him would enrich anyone's existence!”


Kate Bloom, MBA, CPDM

Hired Tim as a Business Consultant more than once

“Tim has rare gifts as an educator, coach and communicator. He is a unique executive who inspires professionals to get beyond their comfort zone and reach for their best. As a speaker, educator and coach, he is expert at creating a learning environment which engenders interest, creativity and curiosity. He draws his audience in by his subject matter expertise, welcoming professional style, unwavering generosity and non-judgmental nature. But don’t be fooled, he will critique when appropriate and tell you “like it is” with flawless delivery and we keep coming back for more…!! I would without hesitation recommend Tim for your training, coaching, mentoring or speaking engagements.”


Kevin Judd

Hired Tim as a Career Coach

“I had the opportunity to hear Tim speak as well as provide guidance and training at one of my networking meetings. His critiques were extremely useful. I have been able to practice and implement the techniques that he discussed with us. The brief coaching that I was able to get from him has already made a significant difference in my presentation skills. I would not only highly recommend him but plan on using his services in the future. Tim is highly skilled and has a true passion for his craft that comes across when he is teaching and mentoring.”