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Leading CEO is an Executive Coaching and training company specializing in Coaching CEOs and training corporate executives in Presentation Skills.

As experts in training executives in Presentation Skills we believe that this is the key element in business and personal success. We approach the training in a positive, motivational way... that excites people to be their best by developing their unique personal style. The program was designed with 25+ years of training experience and is the only one of its kind in the industry. We apply all of our experience to executive coaching and training seminars all over the world. Tim Hart is a successful CEO of 2 major advertising companies and brings all of this experience to Coaching and training.

Each engagement is heartfelt, fun, inspirational and many times life changing. It is an eye opening experience for everyone and the results are immediate and lasting. There is a tremendous amount of business experience and acumen combined into everything we do. We apply presentation skills principles to our Coaching and New Business Pitch programs. The overwhelming outcome of our programs is increased self-esteem and an extraordinary level of personal confidence. Our success rate in winning new business pitches is currently tracking at 85%. Our CEO coaching assignments average between 2 and 3 years per individual with some spanning over 8 years. We also work extensively with CEOs who are entrepreneurial and despite their extreme success or ambitions have not been properly trained to be an effective CEO.

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Tim Hart is the President /CEO of LEADING CEO


Tim founded LEADING CEO in 2003.  His expertise is in these key areas: CEO and Executive Coaching; Presentation Skills training; New Business Pitch Coaching and Team Building and Collaboration Seminars. Tim facilitates the creation, customization and implementation of all training programs. He is a master presentation strategist, designer and coach. Tim trains and coaches executives throughout the U.S., Europe, and Central America.

Tim has achieved extraordinary results for the individuals he has trained and coached, as well as success for their organizations. He is sought after for his executive coaching and motivational presentation skills training talents across a wide variety of industries. His speaking engagements are consistently ranked as the highest rated and most informative interactive speeches.

Tim had a distinguished career in the advertising and marketing industry. He was CEO of Bates USA Advertising in Los Angeles/Irvine CA for 6 years and COO and Managing Partner of Ketchum Advertising in Los Angeles for 9 years - achieving unprecedented growth for both the client companies and the agencies. He also was SVP of Young & Rubicam for 12 years.

He holds the distinction of being one of the few top US executives in the automotive advertising industry to have managed leading American, European, Japanese and Korean automobile accounts- both national corporate and dealer accounts nationwide. His training spans every type of major industry - communications, consumer goods and services, industrial, advertising, marketing and educational institutions just to name a few.

Tim has worked with powerful worldwide companies. Many of his clients have been using his services for more than 10 years.

Tim is recognized as an expert in public speaking*, presentations skills training, C-level coaching and new business pitches. With his unique personal style, communication and team building skills, Tim has touched thousands of lives and been a positive agent of change. Tim is a professional CEO offering a unique and results-driven service to any type of CEO-whether Fortune 500 or start-up entrepreneur. His coaching principals and Presentation Skills training are applicable to all companies and organizations.


*Results of a speech given by Tim Hart to the American Association of Senior Executives.

Overall Score = 19.86 (2nd out of 79 speakers)
Content = 4.96 out of 5
Pertinence = 4.93 out of 5
Speaker’s Presentation = 5.00 out of 5
Take Home Value = 4.96 out of 5
26/28 would hear same speaker
26/28 would hear same subject