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Our focus is on presentation skills and the essential "people skills" that create powerful company cultures.  Our programs are designed to increase your profitability and help people reach their full potential.  We teach all the communications and presentation skills that are needed to lead, win new business, and maximize earnings.



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Your ability to effectively communicate determines your ability to lead others.
— Tim Hart, CEO of LEADING CEO

Deliver Compelling Presentations

Communicate Critical Information

Hone Skills to Be a Stronger Leader


How you are perceived and how you present yourself is the key to your success.  We offer presentation skills programs and seminars that make you the best you can be - results are immediate and they last...these skills will forever change your business and personal life.  We offer one-on-one Presentation Skills training as well as groups of 10.

Speaking face-to-face, whether to one person or to a thousand people, can be mastered by the extraordinary presentation skills we teach you. You will learn to trust in yourself and believe in your presentation ability.



Areas of Expertise


To lead is to be able to present. Presentation Skills is the centerpiece of Leading CEO that is the jumping off point for perfecting the art of Leadership.  Without the ability to present dynamically and effortlessly, leading is not possible.  With presentation skills expertise, all things are possible.


Our executive coaching is a revolutionary and confidential development process for CEOs and senior executives.  Results are immediate, measurable and sustainable.  The coaching process is dedicated to defining and refining an individuals personal brand.


Working with Tim and taking his presentation skills program I have changed every aspect of how I present myself, my business and my projects to my clients and the results have been stunning.
— Ralph Robinson, CEO

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Whether you are looking to gain advanced skills for more powerful presentations or hone your skills to be a more effective leader, Leading CEO can help. We offer seminars and tailored training classes to get you the training you need to excel.

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